Projects with outstanding added value

Investments with purpose

Creating a sustainable future

The core value of Berkley Investments is the conviction that real success comes from contributing to society.
We invest in and develop properties with the intention of creating environments that are meaningful and long-lasting for the people who use them.

We take pride in our ability to enhance the world with architecture that not only stands out but also adds value to its surroundings. We are not just investors; we are creators of environments that enrich lives, foster connections, and contribute to the cultural footprint of cities and communities.

Beyond mere structures

Ensuring a high social return on investments

Founded from a vision where we wanted to redefine the real estate sector, Berkley Investments has consistently set itself apart by focusing on large-scale projects that go beyond mere structures. Whether it’s housing developments, modern office spaces, or institutional healthcare projects, we have made it our mission to ensure a high social return on every investment while positively impacting the cities and villages where we operate.

Our journey, however, was not just about investments or the construction or transformation of buildings. We truly believe that it’s a narrative of transforming the lives of people, enriching communities, and creating spaces that resonate with meaning and purpose.

Unveiling the Heart of Housing

Our commitment to quality housing extends beyond bricks and mortar.Our city development plans and residential projects are intended to create 

thriving communities where families prosper an people feel comforted in their surroundings.
We believe that homes are not just structures; they are the foundations of a fulfilling city life. We’ve modified, transformed, and rebuilt complete residential areas in, for example, Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig and Groningen.

Our architectural designs blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, creating sustainable living spaces that stand the test of time.

Futureproof Healthcare

At Berkley Investments we recognize the vital role that healthcare plays in a community’s well-being. Our institutional healthcare projects are carefully designed to provide state-of-the-art facilities that prioritize patient care and comfort. By investing in healthcare infrastructure, we contribute to the overall health and happiness of the communities we serve.

Revolutionizing workspaces

In the corporate world, Berkley Investments is synonymous with innovative campuses and office spaces that inspire creativity and collaboration. Our large-scale office developments are more than just a set of buildings; they are engines for innovation and productivity. By seamlessly integrating modern architecture with sustainable practices, we create work environments that serve the needs of businesses and also contribute to the well-being of employees.

A holistic approach to realize visionary projects

We take pride in our rigorous and comprehensive approach to crafting transformative developments. Our journey always starts with in-depth research across asset classes, delving into local fundamentals, understanding the competitive landscape, identifying supply-demand imbalances, and analyzing local demographics and social trends. At the centre of our strategy lies a commitment to detailed and precise bottom-up underwriting. This involves the fusion of bespoke financial models and innovative systems, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of each project’s potential and risks. We go beyond conventional approaches, utilizing professional tax analysis and structuring to optimize outcomes and create sustainable value.

The secret of our success is in the thoughtful capital structures we employ. These structures not only facilitate further downside protection but also serve as the framework for visionary projects that stand out in the market. We commit to proper execution, underpinned by high-quality legal documentation that ensures the integrity and longevity of our endeavors.

Professional and committed asset management
Beyond development, we recognize the critical role of professional and committed asset management. Our team engages in active oversight, ensuring that projects not only meet but exceed expectations throughout their lifecycle. This commitment extends to a detailed and effective reporting discipline, providing stakeholders with transparency and insights into the ongoing success of each venture.

We stand for a holistic approach. Our commitment to research, underwriting precision, creative capital structures, satisfactory execution, and diligent asset management from the foundation of our success.

Preserving Legacy, Shaping the Future.

At the centre of our corporate strategy lies a commitment to blowing new life into historical buildings, embodying both heritage and value for communities. Our journey is one of transformation, where the echoes of the past engage with a sustainable future, creating domains that stand the test of time.

We approach each project with the utmost reverence for the original architecture and materials that have defined these iconic structures. Our vision is not only to restore but to integrate modern sustainability practices, ensuring a delicate balance between preservation and progress.

At Berkley Investments, we believe in crafting sustainable new domains that honor the essence of the past. These revitalized spaces not only become focal points of community pride but also contribute to a more sustainable and interconnected future.

Urban Mining

We are pioneers when it comes to ‘urban mining’. In our opinion, is the key to preserving and rebuilding the original architectural essence of urban heritage. Our journey is one of rediscover the past with a commitment to sustainability. Imagine a cityscape where every discarded brick, weathered beam, and worn stone is not abandoned but rather embraced as a treasure trove of history. We meticulously salvage and repurpose materials from historical structures slated for demolition to preserve the authenticity and character of historical buildings like monasteries.

Social investments are not limited to financial contributions. It involves your time, energy, and commitment to creating positive change.

- Tom Moeskops