Social impact investors

Excelling in two distinctive investment domains

Real estate with a social impact

At Berkley Investments, our core commitment is to enhance community infrastructure by driving the development of major projects in key sectors. Specializing in hospitals, senior and student housing, modular housing, and affordable living solutions, we take pride in transforming non-institutional assets into a distinguished institutional-grade portfolio.

Our approach goes beyond conventional development. We envision and create spaces that not only meet the immediate needs of communities but also stand as pillars of lasting impact. Through strategic investments, Berkley is dedicated to shaping the future of community living.

Energy transition

Berkley is leading the change to sustainable energy with a focus on green and blue hydrogen production to power industries with innovative technology and economic solutions to create a carbon-neutral footprint. Both the real estate portfolio and energy projects are driven by dedicated teams that create value with a lasting societal impact.

Driven by strong commitment, we brought a visionary team of scientists and business leaders together to not only transform and revolutionize industries but also to preserve their competitive nature. We believe that innovation is the key to reducing all-over carbon emissions and addressing climate change. Since 2018, we’ve been investing in cutting-edge hydrogen plants, with the objective of powering industries across the globe.

Our investments in new hydrogen plants in the United States are at the forefront of this effort. Creating sustainable technologies that have the power to shape the destiny of industries and, most importantly, preserve the health of our planet for generations to come.

Our Offices

Luxembourg - Strassen / Where our Investment Firm is based

Creating new investment opportunities

Through more than three decades of global economic cycles and changes, the Group has grown and evolved into an investment firm with a €15 billion-plus track record. From the beginning, the Group’s success has been built around a single core concept: Partnership. The relationships we have developed with key individuals, families, companies and funds around the world have provided us with both deep industry expertise and access to significant proprietary investment opportunities

To optimize our investment strategies and enhance our commitment to environmental and social responsibility, Berkley Investments harnesses the power of cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI). By integrating AI into our approach, we can identify and address the major inefficiencies prevalent in the global real estate market.

We collaborate with competitive operators to develop highly professional investment platforms. Berkley originates off-market opportunities in which we can, via acquisition, management, and structure, produce attractive returns while securing downside risk protection.

Belgium - Antwerp / Where our Family Office is based

Innovative Investments with social impact

We aim to achieve best-in-class underwriting. Our risk-minimizing approach to investing is achieved by undertaking a rigorous analysis and committing to the following key fundamentals, demonstrated across all Berkley’s transactions:

  • In-depth research of each asset class, its local foundations, competitive landscape, supply-demand imbalances, local demographics, and social trends
  • Detailed and precise bottom-up underwriting, combining bespoke financial models and systems
  • Professional tax analysis and structuring
  • Thoughtful and creative capital structures, allowing for further downside protection.
  • Flawless execution with high-quality legal documentation
  • Professional and committed asset management
  • Detailed and effective reporting discipline

German - Bonn / Where our Real Estate Procurement Office is based

Creating a difference always starts with being different

Our office in Bonn serves as a central hub for our real estate asset management and real estate finance operations. Located in a strategic location, this office plays a pivotal role in our organization’s mission to maximize the value and performance of our real estate investments.

In the realm of real estate asset management, our dedicated team in Bonn meticulously oversees and optimizes the performance of our real estate holdings. This involves a comprehensive range of activities, including property maintenance, lease management, tenant relations, and the development of strategies to enhance the long-term value of our real estate assets. Our commitment to excellence in asset management is driven by a deep understanding of the dynamic real estate market and a relentless pursuit of value creation.

Additionally, our Bonn office houses our real estate finance experts, who are responsible for structuring, managing, and optimizing the financial aspects of our real estate investments. They work closely with financial institutions, investors, and other stakeholders to ensure the financial sustainability and success of our real estate portfolio. This includes activities such as financing arrangements, risk assessment, and the strategic allocation of capital to our real estate ventures.

Integrating ESG principles into our investment strategy is not just a commitment to sustainability; it's a recognition that long-term value creation is inseparable from responsible and ethical business practices.

Our principles

A societal approach

At Berkley, we have the commitment to create a positive impact on society and the environment. Our investments are motivated by the objective of creating a cleaner, more sustainable future, and that's something that our legacy speaks for: hundreds of new jobs created, reduction on greenhouse gas emissions, hospitals and student housing are just a few examples of our impact on and for society.

Because we believe that by aligning our investments with our values, we could create a brighter future. So we stand for it.

Cultivating sustainable communities, one investment at a time. ESG isn't just a strategy; it's our commitment to a brighter, greener future through real estate. Our dedication to sustainable development, social responsibility, and ethical governance ensures that every property we create not only adds value to our investors but also contributes positively to the world we share.